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What People Are Saying About Pouchee®

I really loved the Pouchees. I have several in different textures and different colors. I am always receiving compliments and asking where they can get one. I really like the Del Mar tote in the multicolor. It looks fantastic for summer.
Carolyn Hernandez
My Pouchee® –The Ultimate Purse Organizer allows me a way to stay organized & change purses so easily and quickly. I love it.
I love my Pouchee! It's the only thing I have ever owned that has helped me keep my purse organized and also made it so easy to switch purses to match my outfits! So convenient, I don't have to worry about switching every little item from purse to purse every time! Also, it was a real treat trying to keep my two sets of keys separated, but easily accessible...with the Pouchee, I'm not digging around the bottom of my purse for them and I know where each set is. Thank you!!
I love your products and even purchased some for gifts!
B. Brown
I've been searching for an organizer purse of this size for a very long time. This one is perfect. I was concerned that the "wallet" area would take up too much interior space, as all the other purses I've had. But it is actually more spacious inside than other purses that look the same size! It holds a ton of stuff. It is the perfect "go with everything" shade of beigey-grey. So happy to have found my purse!
I bought my first Pouchee® Plus Deluxe about 4 years ago and am still using the same one! I love it! No other purse will ever work for me like this one!!
Love this color and I use my pouch in every handbag I carry.
Pouchee Deluxe: This is the perfect size for me. Lightweight and compact, it seems small at first, but really holds a lot of stuff. I'm using it as a crossover bag now, and if I need a larger tote, it would easily fit inside. Lots of card slots, pockets, a clip for key ring. Room for wallet, change purse, compact, and so forth in the large compartments. I assume the two large metal rings are to make it easy to remove from a handbag if you're using it as an organizer. Top zips completely for security, and when you open it you can actually see where everything is. Seems sturdy and nicely made, no icky pvc smell. The spring red is a dark pink. A good value for the modest price. I'll probably buy at least one more.